Caroline ChappleCaroline Chapple

Graphic Recorder

Caroline Chapple is a graphic recorder, visual thinker and business illustrator with over twenty years’ experience of corporate communications. She believes strongly in the power of visuals to expand our thinking and speed up our understanding of even complex information. Images reach to the very heart of us. They create a common ground – across cultures and language – so we can go further and faster in the conversations we have around them. Images also stick in our mind in a way that words alone don’t. When we look at a picture our brains go to work, associating, remembering and creating new thoughts.

Caroline’s job is to capture conversations, as they happen, in a visual form. By listening deeply, she catches and records not only the key points of what’s being said, but also the themes and connections as they emerge. Caroline uses visual thinking to help organisations bring their information to life through graphic recording during live events and by creating digital illustrations in her London studio. She also uses visuals to help businesses solve problems and find paths through complex or excessive information.

You can see Caroline’s work at @chapplecartoons on Twitter and Instagram, or by contacting her @CarolineChapple on Linkedin, or through her website at