A performance on media freedom at Skopje’s Museum of Contemporary Art

The evening, hosted by the government’s Service for General and Common Affairs, will be held

in Skopje’s Museum of Contemporary Art, a modernist building erected in 1970 close to the ancient citadel overlooking the city.

The cultural event will begin with a pantomime depicting pressures and threats the media have experienced in the recent years, illustrating some of the best-known events. The pantomime will culminate in an artistic performance restoring the media’s voice after a period of enforced silence. The journalists whose experiences were illustrated - Arta Tahiri, Tomislav Kezarovski and Borjan Jovanovski - will shortly address the audience, in a session moderated by Ana Trpeska.

The performance will be followed by a reception with live music courtesy of the Reporters - a music band of well-known local journalists and editors - and of singer and musician Leana Thaqi.


Monday 17 September, 20:00 – 22:00


Museum of Contemporary Art (Skopje Fortress)
Samoilova bb
Skopje, 1000