DjurovicGoran Đurović

Media Centar

Goran Đurović was a member of Montenegro’s Council of Radio and Television (RTCG) from July 2009 to December 2017. In this capacity, he also presided over the commission responsible for reviewing complaints received from listeners and viewers. After graduating from the University of Montenegro’s faculty of law, he was part of a working group tasked by the Ministry of Culture with the drafting of the Law on Public Broadcasting Services of Montenegro in 2008 and of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Electronic Media and the Law on Public Broadcasting Service Radio and Television of Montenegro (RTCG) in 2014-2015. He also prepared several analyses of the implementation of media laws and the functioning of the regulatory agency for electronic media, as well as proposals for the improvement of media legislation in Montenegro. Recently, Goran Djurovic was the co-author of a 2017 report on local public broadcasters and the rights of journalists under the media laws of Montenegro. He has also managed EU-funded projects providing technical assistance for the development of civil society organizations. Between 1999 and 2009, he was Programme Director and later Executive Director of the Centre for the Development of NGOs ( He also presided the board of Montenegro’s ‘NGO Coalition - Co-operation towards the Goal’ ( from 2006 to 2017, and works as a trainer and a consultant in the field of organizational development. Goran Djurovic has contributed to the development of some of the most important regulations and strategic documents concerning the operation and development of NGOs in Montenegro.