Lekic SubasicŽeljka Lekić-Subašić

Eurovision News Exchange for Southeast Europe

Željka Lekić-Subašić is the head of the Eurovision News Exchange for South-east Europe (ERNO) co-ordination office in Sarajevo, for which she has worked since 2001. She co-ordinates a daily exchange of political, economic and cultural news stories and documentaries between eleven public broadcasters in the region, organizes workshops and training courses for media professionals, and covers news stories from the region for all 74 European Broadcasting Union members. She was the chief producer of several documentaries co-produced by public broadcasters in the region - including Trafficking Women (2006), Green Paradise: Already Lost, or Still Possible? (2007), The Balkans’ Vision of the European Dream (2009) and Cultural Heritage in South-eastern Europe (2010). She was awarded the 2014 "Dr. Erhard Busek - SEEMO" Award for Better Understanding in South-east Europe. She has been a professional TV journalist and producer for 24 years, and before joining ERNO she worked for several radio and TV stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has been teaching graduate and undergraduate media courses at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology’s (SSST) department for political science and international relations since 2010. More recently, since February 2018, she has been the Senior Media Expert and Deputy Team Leader of the EU-funded Technical Support for Public Service Media in the Western Balkans project. She holds a doctorate in media and international politics from London Metropolitan University, a master’s degree in global governance from La Sapienza University in Rome, and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Sarajevo University’s faculty of political science. She has taken part in several international fellowship programmes - notably the International Leadership Visitors Program organized by the U.S. State Department in Washington in July 2012, and was granted a Kiplinger Fellowship in public affairs journalism at Ohio State University in April 2016.