Hana SokolovicHana Sokolović


Hana Sokolović is a news reporter for the N1 television channel in Bosnia and Herzegovina - an exclusive affiliate of CNN in the Balkans, with offices in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo - but her education and previous occupations were not oriented towards journalism.

Born in Sarajevo in 1995, Hana began her education towards the end of the war, graduating from high school with Cambridge exams at the IGCSE and AS/A levels in the field of social sciences. She then chose to study psychology at university, and volunteered for various NGOs helping children with special needs, organized local and international student conferences, and began to explore the world of journalism. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Hana travelled to Maribor in Slovenia to work towards a master’s degree in European business studies from the "Alma Mater Europaea" University. While working on her master’s thesis, seeking to answer the question "How does the media influence the political and social attitudes and values of its consumers?", she researched a variety of social and political topics for a project called "Perspektiva" that was being produced by an independent production company (Mebius Film) in Sarajevo. These topics included stories of young people dealing with and overcoming the occasionally brutal divisions and bullying of daily life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Focusing on political and social psychology enabled Hana to examine the thoughts and behaviour of young people engaged in the "Perspektiva" project, and to moderate their conversations during filming. In the summer of 2017, Hana attended a summer school of journalism at the N1 television channel, where she learnt about research, editing and journalism. This led Hana to being offered an intern’s position at the channel, and in May 2018 Hana was finally employed as a news reporter, dealing with different topics and producing daily news.