Katerina SinadinovksaKaterina Sinadinovska


Katerina Sinadinovska obtained her degree in journalism from the St Cyril & St Method University in Skopje in 2008. She is currently the assistant editor-in-chief of Kapital, a weekly business and political magazine for which she has been working since 2010 - first as a political journalist, and later as the editor of the political desk (2012-2013).

Before joining Kapital, Katerina worked as a journalist for two television stations in Skopje, "Kanal 5" and later "Alfa TV". At Kanal 5 (2007), she worked on a programme promoting tourism, whereas at Alfa TV (2008-2010) she covered the work of Skopje’s Parliament, political parties and foreign policy. Earlier, from 2004 to 2006, she worked as a journalist for the culture desk of the daily newspaper Vecer, for which she volunteered the first year.

At 2014, Katerina was one of the founders of the "Council of Media Ethics" (CMEM) in Skopje, a self-regulatory body for promoting and supporting professional standards in journalism. She was subsequently elected to the board and also as CMEM’s president. In March 2018, Katerina was re-elected and was given a new mandate to run the organization for the next four years. During her first mandate, she established an executive office and a commission for complaints. The CMEM and the new process of self-regulation in Skopje’s media sector were promoted via many projects, conferences and debates all over the country, and the Council now counts 40 members who are bound to uphold its principles. CMEM has also become a respected member of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils in Europe (AIPCE) and is a founding member of the Balkan network of Press Councils (Media NEThics).

Katerina has contributed to professional trainings and conferences on media freedom, media ethics and literacy, and political and economic influence in the media sector, both at home and abroad, as a speaker, trainer and a participant.